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CSR Activities Worldwide


Educational Support

At Haier Group, we engage in CSR with a special passion and commitment to children’s education. Haier’s Group donated CNY 380,000 for the construction of Laixi Wubei Haier Hope Primary School, the first of many schools funded by Haier in poverty-stricken areas throughout China.

In August 24, 2008, the 17-day Beijing Olympic Games drew to a successful close and the hard efforts of the Chinese team paid dividends, with China proudly topping the medal table with 51 golds. The Haier ‘One Gold Medal, One Hope Primary School’ program was also rolled out nationwide, funding the construction of 51 primary schools in 25 provinces across the country—including 15 in Beichuan in the Sichuan earthquake disaster area—bringing hope to 40,000 children in impoverished areas

Haier has since founded a total of 186 schools in 27 prefectures, cities and self-governing states. (185 primary and 1 secondary, by the end of 2013) This major operation was realized by Haier employees who are guided by the company’s mission to sincerely give back to society. Haier will carry on upholding the tradition of giving, and wholeheartedly support public welfare undertakings, to contribute to society as a whole.

Project Hope

In July 2011, Haier Group made a contribution of CNY 200 million to establish Qintao Charity Association and Haier group charity fund under the corporate mission ‘To engage in charitable venture to salvage people in need.’ Every year, we assign the fund’s capital increase of 3% (CNY 6 million) to the construction of Hope elementary schools in impoverished areas in China.

Launching Home Rebuilding Plan for Earthquake Victims

On May 12, 2008, Wenchuan Earthquake struck in Sichuan Provinces.
On May 13 Haier Group launched Home Rebuilding Plan to fund disaster relief and post disaster reconstruction work in the quake-hit area. By the end of 2008 Haier Group invested total of CNY 19.37 million in its Home Rebuilding Plan for the quake-hit area.
On April 14, 2010, a 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Yushu County of Yushu Tibeten Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province. As soon as the reports came in, Haier Group started the emergency-handling mechanism. By May 2010, Haier Group donated materials and funds of nearly CNY 14 million to Yushu people for their homes to be rebuilt.

Participating in Public Benefit Service

Haier Group has engaged in CSR through contribution to social service projects. In 1999, Haier Group founded Haier Love Heart Fund with a contribution of CNY 3 million. Haier donates CNY 80,000, the fund’s capital increase every year to social causes. In 2008, Haier donated CNY 200,000 to establish Haier Love Heart Education Aid Project, and continues to fund the students of Dezhou School For The Blind and Binzhou Technical College.

Donation for Reconstruction of Houses Due to Flood Damage

In August 8, 2011, Taiwan experieced the worst flood damage in the last half century when Typhoon Morakot hit its Southern region. Haier Group donated CNY 2 million to reconstruct the damaged area and to build houses for the people affected by the disaster.


Receiving Community Job Development Award in the USA

On Nov 8, 2008, Haier CEO Zhang Ruimin was granted the Community Job Development Award by the government of Kershaw County, US. Kershaw Magistrate Clay Armstrong and the Economic Minister Nelson Lindsey conferred the Community Job Development Award on Haier for its contribution to providing jobs for local people of Kershaw, where the Haier Industrial Zone is located.


Donation of Home Electronics for Hurricane Relief

From the end of August 2008, Cuba suffered violent and successive strikes by hurricane Gustav and Ike, the severest natural disaster in the past 50 years. Haier Group donated money and goods like refrigerators, TVs, and computers to the victims, the donation amounting to a total value of USD 150,000.

Australia Australia

Contribution to Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation

Haier Australia and Australian West Tiger, a rugby team, co-supported the Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation.


Establishment of Tsunami Relief

On January 11, 2005, Haier hosted a large scale event in Malaysia’s Almada hotel to commemorate the founding of Haier Tsunami Relief fund in Malaysia, which was created to support the victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Local Haier dealers purchased hundreds of Haier products, and Haier donated MYR 82,700, the entire sales of the event to help the affected region.


Donation and Fund-raising for Flood Relief in Pakistan

In July 2010, Pakistan experienced severe flood damage, the worst in 80 years. Haier Group immediately started a relief drive, donating USD 150,000 to the Pakistani government.


Donation and Free Services for Flood Relief in Thailand

In early August 2011, Thailand experienced a powerful typhoon and a severe rainstorm causing a massive flood. Many regions around the country experienced damage due to the flood, the most intense in last 60 years. Haier Thailand took emergency measures such as providing free cleaning services for home electronics to over 1000 customers, and donating over THB 2 million to customers and partner companies in affected areas.