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Terms of Use

This website from which you are accessing these Terms of Use (“Site”) is created and maintained by AQUA Co., Ltd. (referred to below as “AQUA”, “we”, and “us”).

1.AQUA may make available via the Site content, including (but not limited to) information, texts, designs, photos, logos, trademarks (together referred to as “Content”). We, our affiliated entities and/or our licensors own all Content made available through the Site. Such Content is subject to copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights and laws. Unless otherwise expressly stated, you may not reproduce, modify, disseminate or otherwise exploit our Content in any way or form without our prior express approval. Note that we may prohibit the use of our Content in the following cases:

  • Example
  • ・If the Content includes a portrait and may infringe on portrait rights
  • ・If the Content includes copyrighted items or trademark of any third party, or includes our trademark.
  • ・If the purpose of use or method of use of the Content is deemed unsuitable by AQUA.

2.When using the Content of the Site in compliance with the above mentioned terms, you may not remove or modify the display of Copyright.

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[ Linking to our website ]

If you would like to link to this Site, you must request permission from us. Please include in the request: name of the administrator of the webpage, the purpose of the link, and the URL of the webpage. If we deem the website to be go against public order and morality, or deem the website otherwise unsuitable, we may request the removal of link even after initial acceptance.