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October 1, 2014

AQUA brand “AQS-H30C” electric fan wins the 2014 Good Design Award

Tokyo, Japan, October 1, 2014 –Haier Asia Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Yoshiaki Ito) announced that the AQUA brand “AQS-H30C” electric fan, which went on sale in April, 2014, has been awarded the “2014 Good Design Award” by Japan Institute Of Design Promotion.
In order to achieve “comfort that fits the space” the AQS-H30C electric fan was developed with an emphasis on simple yet high-quality design. Beautiful when placed in a living room, it employs a new-sensation “touch panel” that lights up only when in operation. Such attention to detail leads to comfort. Another feature is the flat design which prevents the buildup of fine dust and is easy to clean.

“AQS-H30C” electric fan

The new-sensation "touch panel" that lights up when in operation

With the brand message of “Life is Precious.”, the AQUA brand pursues the ideal of “consumer electronics that emphasize comfort.” In the future, we will continue to pursue the ideal of “consumer electronics that emphasize comfort,” which makes everyday chores fun with the “Life is precious.” brand message.

Prize-winning product “AQS-H30C” electric fan

Product features
  1. DC motor with minimum energy consumption of 2W (*1)
  2. Beautiful “touch panel” operation unit, “6 soft blades”
  3. Equipped with a “three-dimensional oscillation” function for use in the high position
  4. On/Off function and timer function (*2)
  • *1 Minimum power consumption: air flow “1”, oscillation off. Maximum power consumption 20W: air flow “6”, and oscillation on.
  • *2 The timer functions “off timer” and “on timer” can not be used in combination.
Detailed product information: http://aqua-has.com/komono/product/aqs01/AQS-H30C/ (Japanese only)

The judges' evaluation

“This product stood out as an electric fan with a simple design, at a reasonable price. In amongst products where attention to basic details is lacking and simplistic designs are found, in this product the organization of the interface, control of textures, etc. are delicately crafted, and one can feel the quality in the design. Its elegant appearance evokes the soft feeling of flowing air.”
About the Good Design Award


The “Good Design Award” is an overall design recommendation system sponsored by the Japan Institute Of Design Promotion. Its predecessor was the “Good Design Product Selection System” commonly known as the “G-mark System” founded in 1957 by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). For more than 50 years it has continued to honor” good design” that enriches our lives and industry, as well as society as a whole. Its subjects cover all areas of design, with around 1,000 awards presented each year, and reaching approximately 40,000 awards over 55 years.