Haier Asia Co.,Ltd.

January 14, 2015

Announces new products and new businesses including the “world's first* compact washing machine” and “concept models based on a strategic partnership model with amadana”

Haier Asia holds "Haier Asia Innovation Trip! 2015"

Haier Asia Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Yoshiaki Ito; “Haier Asia”) today held the company's first strategic announcement meeting “Haier Asia Innovation Trip! 2015.” At the strategic announcement meeting, the company announced new products to be released by Haier Asia in 2015 and later in addition to new businesses to be developed in the future.

Main content of the announcement

1. Shift the paradigm of white goods

Haier Asia aims to create new categories and products that transform the conventional concept of so-called “white goods” and propose new experiences to users.
COTON (HCW-HW1), the world's first compact washing machine with a 200g body

The COTON (HCW-HW1) washing machine weighing just 200 grams is a compact sized washing machine enabling easy washing. It is possible to immediately wash items with spots and stains, removing the stains that stay on precious clothes. COTON is also able to remove stains from items like pleated skirts that are difficult to wash at home. It will be initially released on the AQUA Online Store today(http://www.store-aqua.com/).

Suit Refresher, employing ozone (air) technology, for washing out odors (Release date: Scheduled for spring 2015)
Using our unique “air wash” technology, we are planning to release a “Suit Refresher” which is able to perform sterile filtration and get rid of odors utilizing air (ozone technology) without requiring any water.
The Suit Refresher can eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke, the odor left on clothes after eating BBQ and the body odor of old people, and perform sterile filtration simply by running it overnight (for 6 to 8 hours). In addition, the product is equipped with a function to impregnate fabric with a nice smell.

*Envisaged designs

We plan to collaborate with other companies for the design and are considering distribution through a variety of sales channels.

*As of January 14, 2015. Among electrical products with clothes washing functions (washing and rinsing). (Investigation by Haier Asia)

2. Devices becoming more subject to preference

White goods (especially refrigerators and washing machines) are generally said to be owned for a prolonged period from when they are purchased until they are replaced. However, they are not positioned as the user's partner and differentiation of products is mainly achieved through function and price. Haier Asia proposes that white goods should be partners that make customers’ lives more enjoyable.
Refrigerator covers (Release date: Scheduled for spring 2015)

Despite their significant presence in the home, refrigerators tend to have uniform colors and designs, and we have developed “refrigerator dress-up covers” making it possible to change the design of refrigerator doors in a similar way to the cover of a smartphone. By attaching a “refrigerator dress-up cover” with a design you like to the door of your refrigerator, you can change the mood, alter the image of the room and enjoy it as part of the interior decoration.
The first “refrigerator dress-up covers” will feature popular Disney characters such as Anna and the Snow Queen from Frozen based on licensing agreement concluded with The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd.

* The refrigerators that can be fitted with these “refrigerator dress-up covers” are the AQR-16, AQR-18D, AQR-SD28C and 28D, in addition to certain new products released by Haier Asia under the AQUA brand. “Refrigerator dress-up covers” are optional accessory items.

*Envisaged designs

3. Establishment of business platforms leveraging electronic appliances

Haier Asia aims to move from the conventional so-called “sell and forget” business model of simply selling electrical appliances (excluding services such as repairs and maintenance) to a business model with a higher frequency of transactions, positioning electrical appliances as one element of a service.
Frozen food sales service for offices (trial sales currently underway)
This is a new business model in which Haier Asia’s freezers are provided to offices at no charge and earnings are obtained from the products placed inside the freezers. The service will start being rolled out in offices in central Tokyo. The brands carried include Ben & Jerry's (ice cream), Sunshine Juice (cold-pressed juice) and Saiby (smoothies).
Digital frame & content delivery service (scheduled start of service: TBD)
We will expand the business of so-called “digital frames” using liquid crystal displays connected to the network. This is not a business selling the liquid crystal displays themselves, but is a business model in which the price is set as low as possible, and earnings are obtained from the content (images) delivered. This is perfect not only for individual users, but also companies and businesses such as those operating restaurants and hotels that need to revise their interior layout each season. The first wave of content offered will be from “Rock Paper Photo” (http://rockpaperphoto.jp/).

4. Products based on strategic partnership with amadana (Release date: Scheduled from summer 2015)

We are planning to distribute products including 3 refrigerator models, 2 washing machine models and a toaster under the strategic partnership concluded with amadana corp. in June 2014. The products are created under concepts that differ from existing electronic appliances, featuring unique designs and materials not usually employed in electrical appliances. We plan to continue to expand upon the amadana brand products providing new lifestyle suggestions.

* Envisaged designs

5. Other products

Prototype models under development for future release, such as a refrigerator equipped with a liquid crystal display and a skeleton washing machine were also introduced.

Refrigerator equipped with a liquid crystal display

Skeleton washing machine

* Envisaged designs